We embrace cost-efficiency, knowing that together with quality legal services, it’s a Firm strength that solidifies our place in the legal market. Due to that commitment, we’ve seen our client base grow, not decline, in these tough economic times. Our focus has yielded tangible and quantifiable results for our clients. One major client recently shared with us their study of their litigation costs per file for years 2004 to 2008 and we were pleased to learn that our Firm’s average cost per file over that time span was 77% of the typical average cost per file.

Our Firm’s efficiency is largely a result of our Office size, our philosophy, and the way in which we staff cases. We carefully analyze the case and take only truly necessary discovery. In one recent case, we recommended a discovery plan without depositions – - just a written request to admit the basic facts upon which our case would hinge. We traditionally have two attorneys collaborate on each file, thereby providing the client with consistency in handling. This avoids the costs that can sometimes occur in larger offices as new or multiple attorneys step in and out of files and therefore may be unfamiliar with the facts and issues presented.

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